Laguna Woods police blotter, May 21-28 – Orange County Register

Disturbance: May 28. 8:13 p.m. 4000 block Calle Sonora Oeste. Caller reported loud argument with neighbor being rude to his wife.

Patrol check: May 28. 12:42 p.m. 24300 block El Toro Rd. Caller said 3-4 skateboarders in front of the Community Center are refusing to leave.

Assist outside agency: May 28. 6:48 a.m. 2100 block Via Puerta. Caller said a man fell and can’t get to the door to unlock it.

Suspicious person/circumstance: May 28. 4:28 a.m. 24100 block El Toro Road. Caller said 3-4 men in hooded sweatshirts were throwing objects into the trunk of a black sedan.

Drunk driving: May 27. 11:16 p.m. El Toro Rd/Calle Corta. Caller reported a possible drunk driver in a red Miata that hit a curb.

Missing adult: May 27. 2:05 p.m. 400 block Calle Cadiz. Caller reported her 94-year-old mother missing.

Citizen assist: May 27. 9:08 a.m. 0 block Calle Aragon. Caller said a woman had a key made and stole a check from under her pillow.

Traffic accident-unknown injuries: May 25. 3:44 p.m. Caller reported an accident at Gate 7, could not provide details.

Citizen assist: May 23. 2:41 p.m. 3200 block San Amadeo. Caller said may have information on recent burglaries in the building.

Disturbance: May 24. 5:27 p.m. 2000 block Ronda Granada. Caller said a resident was screaming about the neighbor and about filing charges for possible misdemeanor assault and battery.

Disturbance: May 23. 1:32 p.m. El Toro Road/Moulton Pkwy. Caller said a man is skateboarding in between vehicles and upsetting the seniors who are watching out the window.

Suspicious person/circumstance: May 22. 10:44 p.m. Moulton Pkwy/El Toro Road. Caller said she was waiting for the bus and a man in a gray truck kept asking her if she wanted a ride; he left when she took his picture.

Disturbance: May 22. 5:27 p.m. 5300 block Algarrobo. Caller reported possible sexual harassment by the neighbor across the hall.

Stolen vehicle: May 22. 7:37 a.m. 200 block Avenida Majorca. Caller said their Fiat, white with a red roof,…

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