King George approves money for middle-school work, new track | King George

Money has been approved for a new track for King George County students, and funds to renovate the King George Middle School could be in hand as early as November.

The King George Board of Supervisors approved its capital improvement plan for fiscal 2018 Tuesday night, with $21.46 million of the $23 million budget going toward schools. The bulk of that—$19.3 million—is for a major renovation project at the county’s only middle school, but another $1.55 million will go toward replacing the dilapidated track used by middle- and high-school students, as well as members of the community.

Pieces of surface material and rubber have come loose on the track, leaving exposed asphalt that can cause slips and injuries, according to runners, students and their parents who petitioned the board to fix the problem.

Inside lanes have deteriorated the most, but the whole track is in such bad shape that the high school hasn’t hosted meets for two years due to safety concerns, said School Superintendent Rob Benson.

“Coach Paul [Koepfinger] feels blessed that the School Board and Board of Supervisors made this happen,” said Jon Dachos, a parent who presented a petition in August with almost 300 names, asking that the track be fixed.

As for the middle school, the renovation will add space to accommodate all the county’s sixth-graders, which will free up space in King George’s three elementary schools. The project will add a new learning center, light-filled cafeteria with new dining area and kitchen, auxiliary gym, media center and administration center.

The work also will provide expanded space for music and choral programs and more secure building entrances, Benson said.

The same night the supervisors formally approved the spending plan for capital projects, they made plans to move forward with applying for a loan from the…

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