Keeping Your Pet Safe This Summer is Jamie Katz – Pet Detective

Jamie Katz finds lost pets with the help of her tracking dogs, Fletcher and Gable.

“VR was great!” says Jamie. “They were there for me and helped me start my own business. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you guys.”

If your pet becomes lost, what would you do, who would you call? If you live in south Florida, you’d call Jamie Katz – Pet Detective! Jamie, who has a learning disability, has been finding lost pets since 2015 and developed her business with help from Vocational Rehabilitation (VR), a federal-state agency that helps people with disabilities get or keep a job.

Jamie worked with VR counselors, Michael Coard and Elizabeth Gonzalez, to find a career that worked for her. “My whole life growing up I’ve loved animals, but I always wondered how could I make money working with them?” she says.

She was on a different career path when the idea for a pet detective business hit her. “I was interning as a private investigator because I wanted to start my own business as an unclaimed property tracer, when my friend’s cat went missing.” Jamie saw an online ad for a pet detective company with tracking dogs and contacted them to help find her friend’s cat. They never showed up, but, fortunately, Jamie found the cat.

This was a turning point for Jamie who now had two new goals, 1. to find out if tracking dogs really can find lost pets, and, 2. to see how she could help people and animals who were in such a desperate state.

To Jamie, this was a perfect way to combine her love of animals and investigation. She researched the career and found out that it was, in fact, real, and she found a company she could train with, so she brought the idea to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was skeptical at first….

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