Josh McCown has been all over and has the stories to prove it

Jets quarterback Josh McCown takes a timeout to huddle with Post columnist Steve Serby for some Q&A.

Q: What are you like in the huddle?
A: I try to stay pretty relaxed with the guys. Try to be as natural as I can to help guys get fired up, get motivated to play … remind any details, last-minute coaching points that I can remember for each guy. I try to keep it as smooth and upbeat as we can be, because it gives us the best chance to be successful.

Q: Do you crack jokes?
A: Oh yeah, all the time, ’cause I think the minute you can start smiling, you’re breathing better, you’re not anxious, you’ll see clearer and you’ll play smarter. So whether they laugh or not, I think it helps me (laugh).

Q: What is your funniest single huddle moment?
A: (Pause) Oh man. … Well, I’ve been in a lot of hurdles, you know … gol-lee. Against the Giants, I was in Arizona, and I ran for a first down, and Gibril Wilson and I kind of went head up. And I got up and I was all fired up and got a first down. And then kind of being like a little … disheveled … got back to the huddle, and we had wristband plays, and they called the play in, they called the number in, and so I’m like looking at it, but they were small print, I’m trying to read it, so I remember grabbing a guy, and we were just all laughing: “Read play No. 42 for me.” And I was like, “Does this say?” and he’s like, “Yeah yeah yeah, that’s the play, that’s the play,” and I was like, “All right great.” And we went on down and scored a touchdown.

Q: Describe your on-field mentality.
A: Calm, but fun.

Q: What makes you a leader? What makes guys gravitate to you?
A: I didn’t know they did (chuckle). I don’t know … hopefully just ’cause I care. I care about their careers and their life, and care about winning, care about wanting to help in any way I can.

Q: What is the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome?
A: I guess the year I spent out of the league. The UFL was only a…

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