JOSELI LLC Receives EPA Safer Choice Program Partner of the Year Award

Joseli, LLC joins five other companies in receiving the prestigious ‘Innovators’ category award from the EPA’s Safer Choice Program. To achieve this award, the winners qualified in the following areas: 1) Participate in the Safer Choice Program, 2) Use the Safer Choice Label, 3) Promote and Use Products using the Safer Choice label, 4) Participate in Outreach and Education on the Safer Choice Program to consumers and end-users and 5) Have Innovations in Safer Chemistry and other efforts to advance the Safer Choice Program.

“We are incredibly proud to have received the Safer Choice Partner Innovators Award. Our team has been committed to the focus of both studying environmental hazards and then creating a product that will address and eliminate the potential of fine particle danger with the use of organic and natural formulations. As professionals in green technology, we blend science with nature to achieve the best environmental balance.” – J Juanfung, Co-Founder and Executive VP of Joseli, LLC

The EPA’s “Safer Choice Program” entails carefully hand-selected and tested products that assist consumers and commercial buyers to identify products with safer chemical ingredients without sacrificing performance or quality. Joseli, LLC is one of the companies recognized for their DustOut product.

DustOut is an organic product used to control fine dust particles using organically formulated ingredients that bring an increased level of safety to an environment. Fine dust can be a major contributor to pollution and health problems in areas such as construction, highways, agriculture and any area that may have increased traffic and machinery use. DustOut is the first dust control product that can control the fine particles as a proprietary blend of active ingredients that are 100% botanical organic and…

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