Jill Cataldo: Coupon restrictions curb shoppers’ brand loyalty | Family

Dear Jill: I am a long time couponing customer. One thing that has me irked about a major manufacturer is their lack of issuing coupons for a well-known brand of laundry detergent in the Sunday newspapers.

What gives with this brand refusing to issue these detergent coupons in the papers anymore? I’ve used this brand of detergent exclusively for about the past 10 to 15 years. Now you can’t even get any coupons from them anymore. I have contacted and complained to them about this, but they truly don’t care about their customers anymore. Sadly, I will have to resort to another brand, which does just as good a job and is a lot more cost effective than my former brand.

Very disappointed, disgusted, and soon to be former loyal detergent customer. — Corie M.

Dear Jill: What is going on with a major manufacturer’s coupons lately? First they got rid of all the detergent coupons from the brand I bought most often. Now their new coupon insert came and all of the coupons are limit two per household per day! They used to be limit four. So then, I went online to print a detergent coupon and things are even worse. Their printable coupons now say “Limit 1 identical coupon per household.” They are making it so difficult to stock up on anything now. — Tera K.

I’ve been receiving a great deal of email from readers regarding recent changes to a well-known manufacturer’s coupons, both in the coupon inserts and online. Indeed, this manufacturer makes everything from cleaning products to personal care products, makeup and more. This year, the manufacturer removed coupons for its flagship laundry detergent brand from many coupon inserts around the country. Instead, a page in the insert showed a photo of the detergent and instructed shoppers to go online to print detergent coupons.

In July 2017, their monthly coupon insert had a…

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