In Support of Stroke Awareness Month, Dr. Amarik Singh, Chicago, IL Periodontist, Raises Awareness of Stroke and Periodontitis Connection

Board-Certified Periodontist in Chicago, IL, Dr. Amarik Singh, Supports Stroke Awareness Month

Dr. Amarik Singh recognizes Stroke Awareness Month by teaching his patients the connection between gum disease and stroke. As an authority on periodontology, Dr. Singh understands the increased risks of serious systemic conditions, including diabetes, certain cancers and heart disease, when periodontitis in Chicago, IL is left untreated. Dr. Singh offers specialized laser gum disease treatment at his renowned practice, Periodontal Implant Associates, to eradicate disease causing-bacteria and prevent oral and overall health effects.

Bleeding gums are often the first sign that gum inflammation and gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease, are present. If plaque is not removed through regular dental hygiene routines, it hardens under the gum line. Gingivitis can develop into the next stage, periodontitis, if not treated by a periodontist. Hormone fluctuations, tobacco use and genetics may also increase a patient’s risk of developing periodontitis in Chicago, IL. Age is another factor. The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research reports that more than 70 percent of those 65 and older suffer from gum disease.

Approximately every four minutes, stroke takes the life of another American. Although the exact link between gum disease and stroke has not been determined, leading specialists and the American Academy of Periodontology recognize a relationship between the two caused by inflammation and infection that begins in the gums.

To make it easier for his patients to lower their risk of stroke from periodontitis in Chicago, IL, Dr. Singh offers advanced, minimally invasive laser dentistry. The ultra-fine tip of the latest BIOLASE…

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