Hurricane Irma destroys Shake-a-Leg Miami’s sailboats

Hurricane Irma turned the Coconut Grove docks at Monty’s into a waterfront bowling alley.

At the height of the storm last Sunday a yacht, moored in the middle of the churning bay, broke loose and set its sights on Shake-a-Leg Miami’s fleet that docks at the Monty’s Marina.

“As far as we understand, that boat broke loose and came down like a bowling ball and just took out our boats,” Shake-a-Leg founder Harry Horgan told Miami Herald news partner CBS4.

The nonprofit Shake-a-Leg Miami, with its three decade mission of helping people with disabilities and their families overcome challenges and enjoy independence on the water through sailing, lost nine sailboats and four power boats.

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The disabled-accessible boats were particularly affected, Horgan said. “They were all tied up correctly. We stripped them of all their sails, we double-tied them.”

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