Humos Aromatherapy will open its doors to the public on September 23 (From Reading Chronicle)

MYSTERY has surrounded the identity of a new store in Caversham for many months, but the answer has now been revealed.

Shoppers have eagerly-awaited the arrival of Humos Aromatherapy after the owner managed to hide the official opening, which is scheduled for September 23.

The health and beauty store is the design of Gabriel De Carvalho, owner of Le Masseur Personnel on Church Road.

Le Masseur Personnel opened in 2010 as a mobile business and has evolved over the last seven years.

For many weeks, the store was covered with white sheets and a sign with a question mark.

Curious residents were invited to sign up to a mailing list to attend the grand opening and win a £50 gift card.

According to the owners, Humos will provide ‘an ever-evolving scent library’ and allow customers to design their own perfume, candles and reed diffusers in a workshop run by experts.

A spokesman revealed: “This is a first for Reading, also offering the sale of scents, oils and diffusers from its Caversham premises, as well as online.

“Customers will work under the guidance of expert tutors to design their own unique perfume.

“The workshop includes the history of perfume and will explore the scents of the past before creating an individual, bespoke fragrance utilising scent combinations and techniques used by the world’s top perfumers.

“The expert host will demonstrate how to make a natural soy wax candle, from wicking to waxing using essential oils.

“The final choice of Humos’ trio of workshops allows clients to design their own scent for use in a room diffuser or room mist.

“Students will be talked through making a unique scent and will then work with their instructor to design their own personalised fragrance.

“All workshops are available as a one-to-one experience or places can be booked onto a group class.”

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