How to Improve Overall SharePoint Development Performance?

Microsoft SharePoint is a web application development platform, which was launched in year 2001 by Microsoft.

MOSS – Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is most popular Microsoft product that is useful to improve the effectiveness of an organization. It’s been around for almost a decade now, but still most of the developers consider it as extremely complex platform. Basically, SharePoint platform is associated with Content and Document Management and so it makes frequent trips to the database for performing each of its tasks. A list of document shown to the user comes from the database and it is known as BLOB. Because of this, the performance of SharePoint apps is often affected and the response times are slower.

The most frequent performance issues faced by users are –

– Whenever a new item is added to the library, it takes much long time to initiate the workflow. – Most of the times, the workflow mail generation is slow – The process time of workflows is longer – Users most of times receive error – “Due to heavy load, the latest workflow operation has been queued. And it will attempt to resume at a later time.” Two techniques that can be used to improve the overall SharePoint performance are discussed below. These two techniques can be useful to solve the problems discussed above –

1] Externalize the Documents – By moving all the documents [BLOBs] from the SQL Server in to a file system, a lot of burden will be removed from the database. This will also allow SQL Server to focus more on what it does best that is the process relational data transactions. A fast working SQL Server means enhanced SharePoint performance with more scalability.

2] Caching the Lists and BLOBs – By using caching on lists, the database traffic will be reduced more as most structured data in SharePoint will be displayed as lists. Caching reduces traffic by 50% to 70% since most of the database operations for lists are read-only operations. By caching BLOBs, the trips to the file server…

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