How to improve iPhone and Android pictures with photo edits

No matter if you have the high end Samsung Galaxy S8 or the budget Alcatel Idol 5S or even an old iPhone 6, chances are you take photos with your phone. And whether your phone has the best camera or a modest camera, there are three quick tweaks to make your photos look better — all with using the f-word: Filters.

So many photo apps

Before you make your first edit know that there are hundreds of apps to edit photos including favorites like Instagram and VSCO. You can use those apps or the default photo editor on your phone (iOS Photos or Google Photos) to make these quick adjustments.

Straighten your photos

Maybe you took a picture at an odd angle or perhaps you’re trying to get your subject perfectly centered ala filmmaker Wes Anderson, both are instances where straightening a photo can save the day.

Straightening lets you rotate a photo while zooming-in to square things off. The result is a picture that is better composed and looks more purposeful. Straightening works especially great for photos of people, buildings and landscapes.

Straighten your photo to make the subject better aligned for the viewer.

Patrick Holland/CNET

Start with the photo you want to straighten and follow these directions:

  • iOS photos app – Tap on the sliders icon, then tap on the Crop tool. iOS will auto-straighten your picture. To override this, just slide your finger on the straighten wheel below the photo.
  • Google Photos – Tap on the pencil icon, then tap on the Crop tool.
  • Instagram – From the Filter/Edit screen, tap on the Edit button and then tap on the Adjust tool.
  • VSCO – After importing your photo, tap on the slider icon, then tap a second time on the slider icon and then tap on the Straighten tool.

Get the right exposure

The auto settings on some 

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