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A free-standing metal panel created by artist Alica Dusil divides a large garden.

Metal artwork backs an outdoor bed, offering beauty and privacy.

Backyard spaces are receiving heightened interest today. The trend to create outdoor rooms that are conducive to relaxed living continues to expand, bringing with it comfort and decor solutions that were once only utilized indoors. Innovative materials and mechanics that can withstand the weather outside give us more options. Outdoor table lamps, area carpets and canopy fabric are available to set up a more formal living experience for those who prefer this style.

Introducing artwork to an outdoor scenario is an obvious next step. Alica Dusil is a horticulturalist, landscape designer and artist who has witnessed the shift in interest, as her decorative metal panels appear in more and more of her upscale landscape designs. “There are always areas outside that don’t work for some reason,” says Dusil. “These custom-made and custom-sizable metal screens can be installed on a deck, on a fence and in the garden on a frame. Great for privacy, and as an art piece, they can bring life to boring parts of the garden.”

For the Birds in Flight panel, the birds have been cut out and re-welded onto the screen. The fanciful illusion of birds in flight brings three-dimensional interest to a flat section of the yard, producing a stunning centerpiece. Dusil has many designs; the open cutwork allows light to peek through and creates interesting shadows. The metal panels are heavy but can be set into a cement bed if wind is a problem. Dusil likes the orange of the rust patina…

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