‘Gym in a bag’: Bamberg native receives patent on exercise ball | Local

Bamberg native Corey Cooper lays out photos then thumbs through a portfolio dedicated to his newly patented invention: a multi-purpose medicine/exercise ball officially named the CARVE-Ball.

Cooper speaks with passion and excitement about is invention, describing it as the “gateway to the future of sports fitness.”

“It is basically a complete gym in a bag,” he said in a recent interview. “It is something for everyone. I wanted to come up with the idea that not only Mom and Dad can use it, but two kids playing two separate sports can, too. And not only them, but Grandma, too.”

Cooper said his medicine ball, which is about 40 percent complete, is unique. Unlike other medicine balls, which are solid balls often used for exercise, rehabilitation and strength training, the CARVE-Ball is several medicine balls rolled into one, he said.

For instance, the ball can be slammed, pushed, thrown, lifted, increased or decreased by weight, and has attachments that make it the only fitness equipment you need, he said.

The ball will come in rubber, leather and nylon, enabling it to move easier or harder on different surfaces, such as sand, pavement, gym floors and grass.

The ball can weigh from a minimum of five pounds to a maximum of 360 pounds based on specified need.

And its benefits don’t stop there, Cooper noted.

He said the CARVE-Ball can compete against many of the common pieces of equipment used today in training and fitness, including the running parachute, the leather medicine ball, the weight vest, ab workout resistance bands, vertimax running machines and squats with straight bar on rack.

While the majority of the equipment out there is designed to work on a particular body part, the CARVE-Ball will be able to address each body part through the various attachments, Cooper said.

He said the ball can even be used in water by a swimmer as…

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