Gregg Jarrett: Jared Kushner gets mugged by the media mob

“This nation was dedicated to freedom under law, not under mobs.”

So wrote the late Justice, Tom Clark, who gave me my first tour of the Supreme Court in the 1970s.  Justice Clark cared deeply about the role of the news media in holding our government accountable.  But he would be dispirited to see their embrace of “mobocracy,” as he once described it. 

The mob as a ruling class is today’s mainstream media.  They assert political control by denigrating and vilifying.  No act by the Trump administration, however slight, will be spared a full-throated scandal as declared by the media.  All deeds are treated as crimes or impeachable offenses.   

The latest victim is President Trump’s son-in-law and White House adviser, Jared Kushner.  His crime appears to be no crime at all.  He met with two foreign officials from Russia –an ambassador and a banker.  Back channel communications were allegedly discussed.  Mass hysteria in both print and television ensued. 

There was no attempt at reasoned analysis, no context of historical precedence.

The media all but shouted, “off with his head!”   Execution first.  A trial with real or imagined evidence sometime later, if ever. 

Back Channel Communications

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