Goldenstein Gallery celebrates National Day of the Cowboy

Grab your boots and hat, and head out to Goldenstein Gallery Saturday and Sunday July 22 and 23 for their celebration of the National Day of the Cowboy! One of the country’s most iconic symbols, the American Cowboy and Cowgirl has long seized imaginations across the globe.

It is the cherished heritage of the American West and the archetypal spirit of these heroes that captivated Goldenstein Gallery artist David DeVary and inspired him to create his acclaimed quintessential series “Cowboys and Cowgirls with Attitude.”

DeVary paints introspective, idealized and sometimes, provocative figures, capturing and combining the good feelings associated with the western legend and the American Dream.

His use of bright yellow slickers, often black hats that shield the eyes, worn, antique chaps and the cowboy’s own natural body language helps create a striking, unique, almost ethereal portrait of the American cowboy and cowgirl.

He recognizes them as American icons and paints them as such using gold, silver or copper leaf, much like the icon painters of old. This contemporary work captures the values of the West with interest, beauty and sense of good being.

He says of his work “I’m not painting history; rather, I’m trying to capture the feeling, strength or confidence of the American West. Like the traditional Western artist, I’m fascinated with this romanticized, idealistic West.”

DeVary came to the painter’s life rather late in life. He grew up in southern Illinois in the 1950s, the son of a sheet-metal worker whose mantra was “You don’t want to be like me.” But he idolized his father. Uneducated in the formal sense of the word, Lee DeVary, his father, tried to make up for his lack of schooling by exposing his kids to “culture.” When he showed an interest and talent in drawing at an early age, his father drove the family north to visit the Chicago Art Institute, a trip that would prove to be both formative and…

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