Girls continue to outperform boys in Junior Cert

Girls continue to outperform boys at Junior Cert level, with more female than male students scoring A grades in 18 out of 21 higher-level subjects this year, according to the 2017 results.

Girls also scored higher than boys in most subjects at ordinary level. However, the female uptake in technology-related subjects, metalwork and Latin remained low in 2017, while home economics only attracted a small number of male candidates.

The gender breakdown of the Junior Cert 2017 results, published by the State Examinations Commission on Friday, shows the only subjects that boys outperformed girls in with higher level A grades were mathematics, metalwork and environmental and social studies.

Slightly more boys than girls sat the Junior Cert in 2017 with 31,305 male candidates and 30,349 female candidates, marking a 2.3 per cent rise on the overall number sitting the exam.

Unlike other subjects, English results were presented using the new assessment format with students graded using terms such as “merit”, “achievement” or “distinction”.

‘Not graded’

There is no longer an official failure grade in the Junior Cert, with scores under 20 per cent deemed as “not graded” and scores from 20-40 per cent securing a “partially achieved” grade.

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