Giants lose children’s game in silly fashion

In a season filled with dumb losses, miserable losses, unexpected losses, and inevitable losses, this loss stuck out. It stuck out because of its dumbness, its miserableness, its unexpectedness, and its inevitableness.

[editor whispers into my ear]

No. That’s a word now. New words will be invented for this team. When Shakespeare needed a new word, he got to make one up. I’m not saying that I’m the Shakespeare of baseball writing, but that the Giants are the Shakespeare of being bad at baseball. This one had it all. It was art.

Start with Matt Moore, who needed a good start after a string of miserable starts. He had a good start. Kind of! He allowed two earned runs in seven innings. Which is good! Kind of! It came with a huge, embarrassing asterisk, though, because this is the play that lost the game:

Moore was not charged with an earned run in that inning. I’m of the opinion that he should have been charged for double the earned runs. Vote for me, Baseball Commissioner. I have a lot of ideas. Such as the Giants not being allowed to play baseball until next March. To give us all a break.

There were eight well-struck balls by the Giants against Josh Tomlin that were caught, by my count. Several of them came in the same inning and should have started a rally. . Not sure if that was because of great positioning, poor luck, stellar defense, or some combination of the above. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that Tomlin is the Matt Moore of the Indians this year, struggling mightily, and the Giants didn’t do a danged thing against him, even though they hit the ball hard.

Tomlin threw 79 pitches in 7⅓ innings, and I’m not sure how the Giants worked that many out of him. They were aggressive. They were swinging early. They were hitting the ball hard. But Matt Moore muffed a throw from 25 feet away, so the Giants lost.

Really, the worst part is that Kelby Tomlinson didn’t start and go 0-for-4, which would have meant that Tomlin would have been…

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