Gevir Deer Antler Supplements Now Available on

“We are excited to reach out to more people than ever through this new sales partnership with, and look forward to helping these people find the pain relief they need,” said Buckman.

Gevir, a company based out of New Zealand that creates a unique line of supplements made from pure New Zealand deer antler velvet as the only ingredient, announced its supplements are now available for purchase on, a popular nutritional products website.

The company was founded years back by Shelley and Clint Thomson, who were looking to develop an alternative treatment method for Shelley’s Multiple Sclerosis. The couple had searched far and wide for treatment options to help relieve the disease’s symptoms, and soon discovered that deer antler, which had been a key element of ancient eastern medicine, had natural healing properties that gave her some outstanding results. The company continues to manufacture these supplements to help people of all backgrounds find relief from a variety of pain problems.

“We are excited to announce our deer antler velvet supplements are available for purchase on,” said Josh Buckman, CEO of Gevir. “Deer antler velvet has been used for hundreds of generations in the eastern world, and now people across the world will be able to experience its benefits, which I have felt firsthand, myself. We are looking forward to this next step forward for our company.”

Gevir is an outstanding, natural and sustainable source of collagen, glucosamine and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. The nutritional properties of deer antler velvet provide the human body with the raw materials it needs to create substances necessary for good health. As an adaptogen, deer antler velvet assists with…

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