Get Some Spice in Your Life With This Healthy Coffee Alternative

In my house we decided to give up coffee for a while to explore any differences in our bodies without it. My husband started making me tea every morning so I figured I’d better find out what in the world I was drinking.

I call it “spice tea” he calls it “herb tea.”

It’s akin to Chai (a blend of loose leaf tea, milk and ground spices) but without the loose leaf tea and milk. So it’s actually not a tea, per se, it’s an herbal drink or “tisane” (tea-like drink made by steeping any of various herbs, flowers, spices, etc. in boiling water).

A Simple HOW TO:

With an old iron pharmaceutical mortar and pestle, he grinds a concoction of spices, depending on his fancy, choosing from among ginger, cinnamon, allspice, cloves, peppercorn, cumin, anise oil, nutmeg and fennel, occasionally adding orange or lemon peel and even sliced pear. There is no fixed recipe so have fun and create your own.

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