Frontline Plus For Dogs by Michaels Shaws

Fleas and ticks are the most common irritants in dogs. Yet they happen all the time, with every season change causing irritation in dogs. But one can easily get rid of the annoying disturbances by just applying Frontline Plus for their dogs on a regular basis. It is very easy to use but is mighty effective. With a single usage, the owner can kill almost 100 percent ticks in a single day. Frontline Plus for dogs consists of a chemical S-methoprene which retards the growth of the ticks and fleas, causing them to ultimately perish. The chemical is strong enough to kill the larvae and eggs also. A single package of Frontline Plus can cover three months of a tick-free dog.

Ticks and fleas cause lots of skin irritation in dogs and hence Frontline Plus is formulated to get them rid of the irritants. The Frontline Plus liquid is available in three packs and an even take care of the dangerous deer tick, American dog tick and even star tick. The hazardous disease called Lyme can be taken care of with Frontline Plus. A dog owner can start applying the drug once their pooch is over eight weeks. The best thing about Frontline Plus is that being waterproof, it works wonders even when the pet is completely drenched in water, and hence it does not affect any kind of activity of the dog.

After Frontline Plus is applied on the dog, the fleas and ticks get visible which means that the drug is indeed working. The application of the drug makes them hyperactive, making them come out to the coat before they die.

Frontline Plus consists of two strong substances namely Fipronil which is a kind of slow poison on tick and fleas and attacks their central nervous system. The second substance, known as S-Methoprene checks their growth, finally killing them. The drug once administered gets locked in the sebaceous glands of the dogs and keeps on releasing the chemicals in order to get rid of the ticks and fleas. As all medicines and drugs are known to have side effects, even Frontline Plus…

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