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Partnering with representatives from the Oklahoma Museum Network, the Pioneer Library System encouraged Oklahoma families to engage their love for science and Star Wars this weekend at Moore Public Library.

Saturday’s Science & Star Wars event allowed parents and children to work as a team to master the force, and either use it for good or for evil.

“People learn best through play,” Pioneer spokesperson Jessica Conley said. “We hope the event will engage curiosity, spark imagination and promote learning.”

Families spent an hour exploring the world of Star Wars using science.

“It’s good that we can help promote family bonding over a topic so widespread and iconic as Star Wars,” said Adam Lake of the Oklahoma Museum Network.

Participants went through rigorous Jedi training. They also had had the chance to craft their own lightsaber.

“Each of you will go through Jedi training and have the power to do with it anyway that you wish,” said Trevor Taylor of the Oklahoma Museum Network.

Conley said the event, which was funded by Friends of the Moore Public Library, was for all ages and the waiting list was a mile long.

However, many children and their families were able to take part in the experience, including Rex and Caroline Adams, of Moore, who decided to bring their grandparents along.

“They love Star Wars. I’m glad they were able to take part in the program,” Lynn Barker, Rex and Caroline’s grandmother said.

Friends of the Moore Public Library is a nonprofit organization that promotes library services, enhances library resources and increase community awareness through volunteer assistance, special programs and advocacy. The Pioneer Library System serves residents in Cleveland, McClain and Pottawatomie counties. Future events can be found on the Pioneer website,  

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