Financial Poise™ Airs “Alternative Financing

Just because the Bank says “No” doesn’t mean a business is out of options.

Cash is the lifeblood of any business. While some companies operate solely with their own working capital, most must borrow money from time to time. Borrowing, of course, includes something as mundane as buying goods or services on credit (whether on credit terms or by using a credit card). But most companies of any significant size have a revolving line of credit or a term loan, or both, with a bank or other commercial lender. This Business Borrowing Basics Financial Poise webinar series explores where companies should look for business loans, how to negotiate them, and what to do if they default under them.

This second episode of the Business Borrowing Basics series, “Alternative Financing – When the Bank Says ‘No’,” (Register Here) is available now On Demand and features Moderator Tom O’Hare of Marquette Business Credit. Tom is joined by Paul Schuldiner of Rosenthal Trade Capital, Alex Mazer of Big Shoulders Capital and Andy Moser of Scargo Hill Capital.

Just because the Bank says “No” doesn’t mean a business is out of options. Even before the Great Recession there were plenty of “alternative” (non-bank) lenders but the number exploded in the past several years. Peer-to-peer lending, alone, came out of nowhere just a few years ago to become a major source of financing for millions of businesses. And this new business model is just the latest entrant into the larger category of what is commonly called “alternative lenders.” Indeed, just listen to a business radio station, go to a business-focused website, or open your morning mail, and you are likely exposed to all sorts of advertisements asking you if your business would like a loan- fast…

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