Face the Nation Transcript: September 10, 2017

JOHN DICKERSON, HOST: This is the special edition of FACE THE NATION.

The time for warnings is over.


GOV. RICK SCOTT (R), FLORIDA: The storm is here. This is a deadly, major storm. And our state has never seen anything like it. Millions of Floridians will see major hurricane impacts, with deadly, deadly, deadly storm surge and life-threatening winds.


DICKERSON: As Hurricane Irma, potentially the most catastrophic storm Florida has ever seen, makes landfall, we will cover it all on FACE THE NATION.

Good morning, and welcome to a special edition of FACE THE NATION devoted entirely to Hurricane Irma, which has made its first landfall in the U.S. in Cudjoe Key, Florida.

We have a team of CBS News correspondents in the Miami area and on the Florida Gulf Coast following Irma’s expected path.

But we begin with meteorologist Eric Fisher, who works for our Boston station WBZ. He’s in our New York studio.

Eric, where is Irma right now, and where is she headed?

ERIC FISHER, CBS NEWS METEOROLOGIST: Well, John, we have been tracking it throughout this morning crossing the Lower Keys.

It made that landfall as a Category 4 near Cudjoe Key, which is right about in here, between Key West and Big Pine Key. That’s where we’ve seen some of our strongest winds.

It’s first time on record we have had two Category 4 hurricanes make landfall in the United States in the same season, Harvey just a couple of weeks ago. You see those bands moving in across South Florida? We’ve seen gusts up to 100 miles per hour in Miami. So, even well away from the center, we’re seeing those destructive winds.

And now you see that eye of the storm, where the strongest winds really reside, lifting north, away from Big Pine Key and heading up towards Southwest Florida, approaching places like Marco Island, as well as Fort Myers area and Naples. They will be some of the first spots to see conditions really go downhill.

So, here are some of the latest stats, 130 mile-per-hour winds. It’s…

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