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Minneapolis Star Tribune, July 14

University of Minnesota Libraries win national praise

University of Minnesota Libraries: They’re not just for students anymore.

In truth, they never were. But the library system at Minnesota’s flagship university has intensified its service to the larger community to such a degree in recent years that others are noticing.

The national Institute of Museum and Library Services has awarded the U system its 2017 National Medal for Museum and Library Service. That’s a coveted distinction given to five U.S. libraries each year for service to their communities. Only twice before in the award’s history has it been bestowed on the library of a college or university.

That affirmation is both well-deserved and timely. The system has been a pioneer among the nation’s academic libraries in shifting its focus from amassing a large collection to connecting library users digitally with its own rich resources and those of libraries around the world. “Collections still play a role, but the emphasis has shifted to services” for users, the system’s website explains.

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