Egypt’s Al Azhar Sets Up Fatwa Kiosk in Cairo Subway Station

CAIRO, Egypt — During the sweaty morning commute through one of Cairo’s busiest subway stations, passengers can now find the answers to some of life’s thorniest dilemmas.

Al Azhar, the revered 1,000-year-old mosque and college and Egypt’s ultimate source of Sunni Islam jurisprudence, has made its scholars available to the masses with a pop-up kiosk next to the turnstiles of Shouhada — “Martyrs” — subway station.

A handful of Muslim clerics huddle with passengers at a table in a windowed kiosk, cooled by a whirring fan, offering religious instructions or “fatwas.” Those in a rush grab a quick consultation outside.

Sheikhs provide theological advice to passengers at the temporary kiosk at Shouhada’ subway station in Cairo.