Dreaming of a counter-terror alliance with Russia? That’s a nightmare (and a very bad idea)

To the bewilderment of Moscow-watchers everywhere, some Americans have raised the prospect of an anti-terror alliance with Russia.

How can we have a counter-terror alliance with terrorists?

Vladimir Putin’s government may not be Islamist, but it has committed acts of terror the scope of which equals the misdeeds of ISIS, purposely bombing hospitals, clinics, schools and refugee columns in Syria, as well as committing atrocities within its borders in the Caucasus and in neighboring states such as Georgia and Ukraine.  Russian savagery has created far more new terrorists than it’s killed old ones.  And Putin’s security services murder dissidents and journalists at home and abroad, which is old-fashioned, by-the-KGB-book terrorism.

Even setting aside Putin’s proven efforts to subvert the crucial tool of our self-government, free elections, do we really want our men and women in uniform to serve shoulder-to-shoulder with Russian war criminals?

Anyone who still says, “Yes,” must answer a basic question:  “What, specifically, would the Russians bring to the anti-terror fight that would outweigh the negatives?”

A glib answer, such as “Bombs,” doesn’t cut it.  Which technical or military capabilities could Russia offer that we don’t possess in abundance?

The answer to that one is “None.”  Putin has…

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