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The Falmouth School Committee voted unanimously to appoint Dr. Gregory W. Parkinson as the Falmouth Public School District’s physician at its meeting Tuesday night, September 12.

“Thank you for taking it on,” Superintendent of Schools Nancy R. Taylor said.

Ms. Taylor recommended Dr. Parkinson, a pediatrician at Falmouth Pediatric Associates, to the position as the district is developing more initiatives around student health and wellness.

She noted that Dr. Parkinson had been involved in school activities, most recently as a member of the start-time task force.

Dr. Parkinson addressed the school committee saying that he had “washed ashore” on Cape Cod 22 years ago.

He has had three children go through the Falmouth schools with his youngest now a senior at Falmouth High School.

“I have had kids in the system for 17 to 18 years now,” Dr. Parkinson said.

Dr. Parkinson said that communication between health care providers and the schools is important, especially now with the myriad of health challenges facing students.

“It’s such a different time… They are facing emotional health challenges because of a variety of health factors at play.”

He also added that he looked forward to working with everyone in the district.

The district physician serves as a resource for the school nurses regarding protocols and works collaboratively with them for health and wellness programs, Director of Student Services Charles A. Jodoin said.

Dr. Parkinson will meet regularly with the nurses and Mr. Jodoin as well as serve on the health and wellness committee. He will also serve as a liaison between health providers in the community and the schools.

Dr. Parkinson follows Dr. Jeanne M. Mase, a family physician who served as the district physician previously, in this contractual position.

“With what we are looking to do with…

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