Dining on a Dime: Positive Pie Barre

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  • Hannah Palmer Egan
  • Lunch special at Positive Pie

There’s something cool and casual about restaurants during lunch: They’re often fairly quiet, and no one’s yelling or banging around much in the kitchen. The service staff is relaxed; friendly waiters will often take a few minutes to chat, if you’re amenable. Back in my waiting-tables days, I always loved day shifts. The money wasn’t ever as good as in the evening, but the quality of life was often much better.

At Positive Pie in Barre, daytime dining is especially pleasant, owing to the ample afternoon light flooding in through the picture windows along Main Street, and AC that’s always set to just the right temperature. Sports fans can take in pro tennis or baseball, or whatever feats of athleticism appear on big TVs behind the bar.

Then, of course, there’s the lunch deal, which is two slices of pizza and a Coke (or other Coca-Cola product) for $6. If you’re partial to day drinking, which I personally support whenever possible, you can swap soda for a PBR or Switchback ale for an extra dollar.

Slices come in a handful of options, plus the day’s specials, which happen at the chef’s whim. You…

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