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Ronlyn Domingue of Lafayette, who received her master’s of fine arts in creative writing from LSU, has been tackling an impressive, innovative and intricate trilogy spanning a thousand years in a fairy-tale land in “The Keeper of Tales Trilogy.” 

She began with a second person narrative in “The Mapmaker’s War,” followed by the introduction of heroine Secret Riven and her gifts of speaking with animals and trees and seeing into the past with “The Chronicle of Secret Riven.” This month “The Plague Diaries” concludes the series, as Riven represses her telepathic powers while working for the magnate Fewmany’s private library and falling into his lavish lifestyle, only later understanding her connection tied to the region’s history. 

In the trilogy’s second book, Riven’s mother dies mysteriously after receiving an arcane manuscript she has been hired to translate. In this latest book, Riven finds the manuscript in Fewmany’s library and believes that her ability to translate what her mother could not might lead to answers about herself, her mother, the war that occurred so long ago and the symbol she has dreamed about and discovered in mysterious places. 

If it sounds complicated, it is, which is why Domingue includes footnotes in this her latest novel, clues to peruse the previous books and recount what readers may have forgotten. And if you haven’t read the books to date, I recommend buying all three to read together, like a Netflix binge. 

It’s an amazing body of work — adventure, myth, legends and symbolism spun together in a tapestry of tales that’s colored with a fascinating use of language.

Domingue will sign copies of “The Plague Diaries” at…