Demolition notice arrives days after Baltimore building already torn down

The letter Pamela Evans received from Baltimore Housing told her something she already knew: the two adjoined rowhouses behind hers were going to be knocked down in an emergency demolition.

In fact, the two Riverside properties were gone already, knocked down a day before the letter was written, two before it was postmarked.

On the afternoon of Sunday, May 21, Evans had just returned from moving her family’s belongings to a new house in Columbia, when she heard the knocking of an excavator on a vacant rowhome around the corner.

The property, 212 E. Fort Ave., was being redeveloped by TD Development, which does business as Charm City Builders. But something had gone wrong — one wall of the building bowed menacingly outward toward an alley and there was a big crack where it adjoined its neighbor.

After meeting with the developer Saturday, May 20, city officials condemned the property and called in a contracting crew to demolish it that Sunday.

Hearing the noise, Evans went outside in search of someone in charge.

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