Dana Hills’ homecoming queen Riley McCoy who has rare skin disease enjoys the festivities – Orange County Register

Newly-crowned homecoming queen Riley McCoy left her house as twilight fell and traveled to Dana Hills High School for the homecoming dance Saturday.

Dana Hills is the Home of the Dolphins and home of Riley McCoy’s family of school friends.

Within the first 30 minutes of her arrival,  Her Majesty was hugged 21 times and posed for six selfies before being dragged into a school of Dolphins swimming and swirling in  hip-hop unison.

Dana Hills activities director Ken Nedler said that Riley was elected homecoming queen in a landslide, receiving more votes than all of the other five princesses combined.

In the high school’s central mall area,  Riley posed  with her best friend  Shelby Angel in front of a painting of  a yellow brick…

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