DALLAS – Inside Robert Owen’s antique shop hangs a small, but special display.

Behind the glass of a shadow box are a collection of precious military medals including the Bronze Star and Purple Heart, plus several more.

The medals belonged to U.S. Army Captain Larry Nobles who served in Vietnam between January 1969 and February 1970. Robert bought them from Capt. Nobels himself several years ago at an estate at his home in North Dallas. 

“It’s a pretty big deal,” Owen said. “It was kind of an unusual encounter because most of the people have passed away and it’s the family members that are selling the stuff.”

Robert had kept the medals in his personal collection up until a year ago.

“The main thing I wanted to do with the medals, is get enough information and get them in a shadow box so people didn’t forget him and what he did,” he said.  

Now in his store, DFW M’Antiques in Bishop Arts, the medals caught the eye of Joel Cude who was out antiquing.

“The purple heart stood out to me, and then I noticed the name on the plaque, stood out to me because I worked with somebody with the same name,” he said. “Then I got curious about what were they doing in an antique store.”    

Not knowing if Capt. Nobles is still alive or if his family knew the medals were sold, Joel posted photos he took of the medals on his…