Creighton student donates coupons for 100 free Chipotle meals to Omaha police | Good News

It was the kind of gesture that uplifts police.

An anonymous Creighton graduate student donated coupons for 100 free meals to the Omaha Police Department. In a long note that accompanied the donation, the woman talked about how police had changed the trajectory of her life. The note, posted on Facebook by Omaha police, had earned 220 shares and more than 1,000 likes Saturday afternoon.

In her note, she shared a poem recounting an experience with the police as a child.

Growing up in Omaha, riding a “crappy bike,” she saw a neighbor boy with a brand new bike — a bike she dreamed of having.

She asked how he got the bike; he said by selling drugs. For a while, she considered doing the same.

But one day, police officers raided the boy’s home. He and his cousin were arrested.

“I don’t want to be dragged out of my house. I don’t want to make my mom cry,” she thought to herself and wrote to police. “The next time you are dragging a suspect out of a house, and there are people gathered and watching that mess, know that within that crowd, there may be a kid…watching, absorbing…and making the decision to go the other way.”

The donation was made in the form of 100 Chipotle “Burrito Bucks,” each good for one free meal at the restaurant.

“I wish I had the resources to donate enough for all OPD active duty service members to indulge so that I could proclaim, ‘No burrito left behind,’ ” the woman wrote.

Omaha police spokesman Officer Gregory O’Neil said gestures such as these mean a lot to officers and say a lot about the relationship between civilians and the police in Omaha. “Knowing that this is an individual giving back, out of their own pocket, it’s a very cool thing,” O’Neil said.

With the increased tension between the public and the police nationally, O’Neil said kind gestures take on…

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