Coronation Street’s Adam kidnaps Daniel by throwing him in to Ken’s car boot


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Adam’s determined to get to the bottom of who pushed Ken, and goes about it in classic Barlow fashion – by kidnapping Daniel on the way to his Oxford University admissions exam and throwing him into the boot of Ken’s car!

From there, Adam drives to an empty car park, hauls the lad out and shoves a recording device in his face, demanding he tell the truth about what happened that fateful night.


Coronation Street: Adam drives to an empty car park, hauls the lad out and shoves a recording device in his face

Adam even insinuates that Sinead was involved in the attack, but a fuming Daniel shoves him over and escapes in the car.

Seething, Adam returns home and phones the police to pin the blame on Sinead, who is stunned when the detectives haul her in for a grilling.

She’s eventually released, and comes clean to Daniel about how Ken pressured her into having an abortion.

But no sooner has he processed that revelation than the police call round, claiming they’ve found inconsistencies in his alibi.

As Daniel deals with that, Sinead receives a visit from Ken, who apologises for everything he has put her through.

Leaving the flat, however, Ken is disturbed to spot a pair of trainers that he remembers seeing on the night of his assault.

After telling Roy that the owner of the shoes must be the person who pushed him, Ken is horrified when Adam later calls round to No.1 to announce he is skipping town – and is carrying those very trainers among his things.

Does this mean the mystery of Ken’s attacker has been solved at last?

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