Change Your Lifestyle Habits to Achieve a Perfect Smile

People with pearly white teeth aren’t necessarily born with them. Ask your favorite movie star. If they were, they can’t maintain it throughout their lives without much effort. Genetics may have something to do with tooth enamel color, but that doesn’t people from wanting to achieve the perfect smile.

Dental stains or discoloration can be traced to various causes. Certain foods and beverages can stain your teeth, like coffee, tea, colas, chocolate, and even wine. Likewise, fruits and vegetables such as apples and potatoes can discolor your teeth. Smoking and chewing tobacco are also major causes of teeth discoloration. In addition, the outer layer of the enamel wears away with age, leaving teeth susceptible to discoloration. Fortunately, most of these could be prevented with proper dental hygiene practice and regular visits to the dentist.

A few lifestyle habits may also be in order if you really want to have whiter teeth. Quit smoking or lessen, if not totally eliminate, coffee, tea, or cola drinking. Improve your overall oral hygiene habits and see your dentist regularly to keep you on the right track to good oral health. However, if you still do not get any results after making significant lifestyle changes, then maybe it’s time to make a dental appointment. You also have various options to consider. Take laser bleaching and custom fit tray bleaching, for example, which require formal dental visits.

Laser teeth whitening Houston dental offices provide is a pretty straightforward process. A dentist uses a laser to activate the whitening gel and help it penetrate the enamel. The length of the procedure depends on the degree of discoloration on the teeth. On the other hand, custom fit tray bleaching requires a tray to be worn over your teeth for brief periods during the day. The tray immerses your teeth in a special bleaching gel and can be used together with laser bleaching to achieve better results, especially for severe cases of discoloration.

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