Cavity Causes – According to your Dentist in Chandler

Your mouth is such a busy place each day for bacteria. Within your mouth you will find tiny colonies of living organisms which are regularly moving around your teeth, gums, lips and tongue.

Having a number of bacteria in your mouth is just a normal thing, however, not all bacteria are beneficial. Some are meant to help while some harm. An example of this is a specific kind of bacteria that may attach itself to hard surfaces, exactly like your teeth. Your teeth has a protective layer of enamel that covers it, if bacteria like this continues to live in your mouth and isn’t taken away from your teeth, they’ll increase in numbers and develop a colony and these colonies, if not eliminated can become plaque and very quickly forms cavities.

Precisely how does plaque form cavities?

Your teeth have enamel – the outside covering of the teeth which is very hard simply because it consists of tough mineral salts like calcium. Your saliva has mineral salts likewise that can help take care of the hardness of your teeth. However, mineral salts are susceptible to attack by acids and those acids cause them to break down. The plaque that isn’t cleansed away through brushing and saliva forms acids, because it consumes sugar and this could be the primary starting point of you getting cavities. These acids dissolve the minerals which make your tooth enamel fragile. The surface of the enamel becomes porous and microscopic holes will appear, after some time the acid will make these holes even bigger and will make it even larger and forms cavity.

How can you get rid of cavities?

Your oral hygiene practices are the main reasons why these cavities come about. As we’ve listed previously, these acids will only form if your mouth retains the bacteria and is not cleansed away.

Few bullet points on how you can get rid of these cavity causing acids.

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