Cambridge Industrial Design Wins Two European Product Design Awards

Cambridge Industrial Design won two European Product Design Awards for ioLight portable microscope and Tangent Wave Ripple broadcast tech.

“The ioLight and Ripple projects demonstrate the importance of innovative, ergonomic design to successful and disruptive products,” said Alex Jones, director, Cambridge Industrial Design. “In both cases we’ve worked with exciting UK companies to take their ideas from concept to reality – including full manufacturing in the UK. Recognition from the European Design Awards shows the strength of our approach – and how Cambridge design and ideas can lead the world.”

A winner in the Medical/Scientific Machinery category, the ioLight microscope combines high resolution with true portability. It has a resolution of better than 1μm, which produces beautiful pictures of animal and plant cells and displays them wirelessly on a tablet or mobile phone. Initially crowdfunded and now seeing rapidly increasing sales, ioLight has won endorsements from Bayer, Cambridge University and The Eden Project.

“ioLight began with an innovative vision and patent application for a pocket microscope with the resolution of a lab microscope. This needed a folding design that locked the optical system to the microscope stage so rigidly that we could get the 1 micron resolution required to see cells,” said Andrew Monk, Founder, iolight. “The brief we gave Cambridge Industrial Design was made even more difficult because the microscope needed to be small and low cost, while we also needed a scalable manufacturing process to serve a rapidly growing business. Many designers dislike briefs with multiple constraints, but working with Cambridge Industrial Design has helped us turn our idea into reality. CID delivered a really cool product that met all of ioLight’s requirements and looked fantastic too.”

The Tangent Wave Ripple brings post-production colour grading of film out of the studio and onto desktops. An entry level grading panel that disrupts the market, it…

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