Calgary minor hockey team reverses course, agrees to change Indigenous logo – Calgary

A Calgary minor hockey team has agreed to change its logo, depicting an Indigenous person that some feel is discriminatory, reversing its previous decision to stand firm.

“Northwest Warriors leadership has met with Chief Lee Crowchild of the Tsuut’ina Nation, and will be working in partnership with the Tsuut’ina to update the Northwest Warriors logo,” Bryan Boechler, Northwest Warriors president, wrote in a Facebook post on Friday.

“The process has already begun and we look forward to working with Tsuut’ina to develop updated imagery honouring Chief David Crowchild while considerate of our members and the communities we serve.”

Earlier this month, an Indigenous family expressed their concern over the emblem of a First Nations warrior to Postmedia, calling it discriminatory.

No plans to change

Boechler told the media outlet at the time that there were no plans to change to logo.

“When the concern regarding our logo was raised, we took it very seriously,” Boechler said in the Friday social media post.

“We would have liked to have been in a position to provide a quick and decisive response, but it was clear to us that we needed to be thorough and thoughtful, and most importantly to get direction from the Crowchild family.”

‘They built bridges’

Chief Lee Crowchild welcomed the decision.

“On behalf of the Crowchild family, I want to offer my thanks to the good people of the Northwest Warriors,” the Tsuut’ina Nation chief said in an emailed statement.

“They were proactive in creating a frank and respectful dialogue that led to mutual agreement. They built bridges and strengthened relationships. I wish them and their players every success.”

Both Boechler and Crowchild declined interviews Friday.

“We look forward to a renewed and active relationship with the Crowchild family and the Tsuut’ina people, and now focusing on fulfilling our mission as a community hockey organization,” Boechler said.

The transition to a new…

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