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From the colorful traditional bullfights of Madrid to the sizzling flamenco dance in Sevilla, Spain is a study in contrasts from old and new to modern and traditional.

 Every year, more than 53 million people visit Spain, a world-class travel destination located on the Iberian Peninsula.

 The country abounds with Moorish, Romanesque and Gothic architecture, as well as bold cultural traditions like bullfighting and street parties. Other benefits to a trip to Spain include the sunny Mediterranean climate and delicious cuisine, including their national dish — paella.

 The passions of Spain’s people are the fabric of their daily lives, with a love of music, fine food, fiestas and a gift for celebrating all the good things in life.

 The backdrop to this colorful culture is magnificent scenery, from majestic mountain ranges and rocky cliffs to the charming coves of the Mediterranean. At the southern tip of Spain is the sun-kissed Costa del Sol, the coastline of the province of Malaga and one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Europe.

Spain…At a glance

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