Base 11 Innovation Center Unveiled at the Cove @ UCI

Community college students present their capstone projects from the Base 11 Autonomous Systems Engineering Academy at the Base 11 Innovation Center Grand Opening on Aug. 7.

The career-focused experience and innovation mindset that students will gain in a Base 11 Innovation Center is in high demand in the industry.

This week, Base 11 and UCI Applied Innovation officially opened the Base 11 Innovation Center at UCI’s Cove. The Base 11 Innovation Center, featuring an MIT-inspired Fab Lab, includes high-tech advanced manufacturing and rapid prototyping equipment that allows users to design and build almost anything they can imagine.

The facility was installed as part of the partnership between Base 11 and UCI Applied Innovation, which is housed at the Cove.

“The Base 11 Innovation Center is the focal point of the ecosystem we’re establishing in Orange County to prepare more high potential, low resource students to fill in-demand jobs and launch new business ventures in fields like technology, aerospace and life sciences,” said Landon Taylor, CEO of Base 11.

More than 375 companies within a 50-mile radius of the Base 11 Innovation Center are recruiting for STEM talent, according to an analysis by Base 11.

In the greater Orange County area, more than 1.2 million students from UCI and other local universities, community colleges and high schools could access both the innovation center and the array of resources available at the Cove, including entrepreneurship training, mentoring, funding, incubation and acceleration.

“We’re proud to expand UCI’s partnership with Base 11, continuing to enhanced experiential learning and create more economic opportunity for entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities. UCI is…

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