Attorney for former Conway coach Chuck Jordan says coach isn’t planning legal action

Former Conway HS football coach Chuck Jordan’s attorney says Jordan has no plans to take legal action against the Horry County School District. (WPDE)

The lawyer for former Conway High School football coach Chuck Jordan spoke exclusively to ABC15 News Friday.

Jordan’s attorney, Thomas Brittain, said Jordan has no plans right now to take legal action against school officials.

Brittain said Jordan felt wronged by Superintendent Dr. Rick Maxey’s decision to keep the former coach on administrative leave with no plans to renew his contract.

“He’s made a decision, I believe, to move on,” said Brittain. “At least as far as the school is concerned.”

Brittain said Jordan fired back against allegations by superintendent Rick Maxey that he walked right past the school resource officer’s office without getting help.

Jordan says he didn’t see anyone in there. He says he called on nearby teachers for help as he followed the student.

“We’ve reasoned about it over and over, and honestly can’t think of anything, that based on the way it all happened, he should have done differently,” he said.

Brittain also discussed an August meeting between Jordan and school officials. Jordan was hopeful he’d be cleared to return.

“He goes in there without his lawyer and the Superintendent has several people sitting around with him in there and Coach Jordan feels free to ask him questions and kind of use some of his answers against him,” said Brittain.

He said the coach felt betrayed by the school he coached at for 34 seasons. He also said Jordan worried about teachers who may have to make split second decisions in the future.

“What does the next teacher do when a distraught student comes in? Do they go out or do they call or are they sitting there and say, ‘Hey, somebody get in touch with a resource officer. I’m not going out there.'”

ABC15 also obtained a letter from Jordan sent to Superintendent Rick Maxey. He wrote it in response to Maxey’s August 28 letter to…

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