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It’s no secret that the Rapid City Public Library wants to share its resources with those in our community. But what if you’re not able to come to the library? What if your loved ones no longer drive? Or you live in a care facility? Maybe you only drive in the winter to go to those necessary doctor’s appointments?

The library has a program for people who cannot come to the library. The Home Delivery Service strives to remove barriers between information access and a patron’s home through monthly delivery of library materials.

The process to sign up for the service is simple. An intake interview takes place in your home to find out what you’re interested in receiving in your delivery bag each month. If you don’t already have a library card, we will bring one to you. While using the Home Delivery Service, you’ll be able to check out books, audiobooks on CD, DVDs, magazines, and pre-loaded Kindle e-readers. We even have large print books we can send to your home!

Once you are enrolled in the service, you will receive a phone call each month where we talk about your new selection and verify the delivery date. We select materials based on your preferences. You can even request certain authors and titles. Some participants receive one book each month, and some receive 10 or more.

Sometimes people need large print books but they don’t work for everyone since they can be heavy, having more pages with fewer words per page than smaller-print books. Sometimes the font in the large print books is just not big enough. We have several Kindle e-readers available that come pre-loaded with books. They are lightweight and the font size is adjustable to your preference. Our library staff will visit with you more than once to ensure that you’re comfortable using the e-reader. When we come out the following month, we’ll exchange…

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