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Q: I was wondering why the races at Bowman Gray Stadium are not run on Sundays when they are rained out on a Saturday night.

Answer: “We’ve considered it but feel it’s not the best decision for several reasons,” said Loren Pinilis, a spokesman for Bowman Gray Stadium. “Our fan base is accustomed to decades of history of racing on Saturdays, plus we wouldn’t have time to let the public know about the event in that short time frame.”

Another factor, he said, was “the overwhelming majority of our drivers and pit crews — as well as all the workers it takes to operate the stadium — participate at the stadium as a hobby, and this way they know that their Saturdays are taken but the other days of the week are free.

“Finally, we also want to respect the surrounding neighborhood and let them enjoy Sunday without an event.”

Q: I think there should be a yield sign off the exit of U.S. 52 northbound at University Parkway headed toward Hanes Mill Road. The yield sign there, I think, is in the wrong place. That is a bad exit of a ramp. The drivers come so fast off the ramp, and it’s hard to see coming up that ramp exit for someone to have to look over their shoulder. This should be looked at. To me, that is a dangerous situation.

Answer: “We had a yield sign at this location and it caused more issues with rear (collisions) since the lane motorists use to exit U.S. 52 continues down to Hanes Mill Road, “ said J.P. Couch, division traffic engineer with the N.C. Department of Transportation. “The only vehicles that should yield are the ones on University wishing to turn right at the signal onto Patterson. The current situation meets drivers’ expectation that they can continue in the lane they are in without having to make a decision to merge into another lane unless they desire to.”

Couch said that…

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