Asad J. Raja Shares Best Practices of ‘Being a Surgeon’

The issues concerning the institutionalized dehumanization in medicine, the deteriorating professionalism, the commodification of medicine and the rapidly changing values and canvas of surgical discipline prompted author and surgeon, Asad J. Raja, to write “Being a Surgeon” (published by Trafford Publishing). The book centers on professionalism, ethics and morality in the practice of discipline of surgery.

Being a Surgeon” is a heartfelt exploration of surgical discipline. It is intended to help surgeons and other stakeholders around the world make a difference in the care of surgical patients. It would serve trainees and training programs and help improve the culture and practices of surgery. The book invites surgical trainees and preceptors to fight the onslaught of institutionalized dehumanization in medicine. It calls to delve into the full, holistic complexity of the surgical discipline by exploring and cultivating every facet of the surgeon’s role. It centers on the author’s experiences as a surgeon battling to salvage patient life, dignity and wellbeing in difficult and challenging environments. These experiences are held up as examples for surgeons, young and old, to learn from, providing key principles.

Raja believes that individuals today have become savvy and egoistical. There is a widespread apathy, change in values and societal degradation. Furthermore, these have also eroded the long cherished values and practices in surgery. “Being a Surgeon” is his effort to create awareness and helps raise the professional standards of practice.

Human dignity is the fundamental premise of our profession. A human being has an innate right to be valued and respected and to receive ethical treatment,” Raja says. “Human dignity is…

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