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With the 100-plus temperatures, it’s hard to think about much else but fishing, swimming and heading to the nearest shady tree.

But if you peek ahead on your calendar, you’ll shockingly see that archery elk and deer season is not even two months away. Wow, hard to believe. It seems like the temps barely turned hot and it’s now time to prepare for it to get cold again.

So what does that mean? Well, if you’re an archery hunter then you have to do more preparation than a rifle hunter. Not only do you have to sight in your bow, but you have to do an inordinate amount of practice if you want to be successful.

Sure, I’ve called elk within spitting distances before but a whole lot more of the time they stop and hold up at 40-plus yards. So what that translates into is that if you can’t make a few longer shots, then you’ll miss out on 75 percent of the opportunities.

To make sure that I’m clear, after elk get to the 40-yard mark, they start getting super wary. So, it’s a whole lot different getting one coaxed in to 15 yards than it is to get them to 40 yards.

So if you have a few minutes here and there, you ought to start practicing. I just got a new Obsession bow so I really need to practice. I mounted a Copper John sight on, so it’s new to me, too. As you know, any changes you make, you need to practice to become accustomed to them.

When you practice, you want to use the same type of arrows that you’ll be hunting with and field tips of the same weight as your broadheads. You may not want to practice with your hunting arrows but have a separate set.

Next item on your list is a target. I recently grabbed a Morrell Double Duty target. It is advertised as being able to handle arrows with speeds of up to 400 feet per second. In fact, I’ve been using mine to test the new Benjamin Airbow, which spits out arrows…

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