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Whizzing arrows are shooting toward targets as children learn archery from 9 to noon Monday through Friday this week at the South Boston Recreation Department.

This event has been happening every year for 12 years now.

Dozens of area youth have been learning the art and sport of archery each year at this summer archery camp, courtesy of the South Boston Recreation Department.

This year is no exception. Youngsters are turning out for the event, ready to learn. During the archery camp, each child is given the opportunity to receive one-on-one attention as they learn how to shoot the perfect arrow right into the bull’s eye providing an enjoyable time for all.

Even some of the parents are joining in on the fun.

More than a dozen youth were on hand from 9 a.m. to noon Monday morning for the first day of archery camp.

Facilitators included Mary Douglas, a high school physical education teacher, who learned archery in high school and who uses her time each summer to conduct the weeklong archery classes.

“I do this every year to introduce the students to archery. I learned archery in high school, and I love it. We’ve been doing the program for 12 years now, and I really enjoy it,” said Douglas.

Participating students this year are a mixture of students ages 6 and older.

The children were all smiling and enjoying themselves at this event, and they agreed the camp’s benefits were plentiful as it taught skills in shooting arrows in archery.

“The temperature was hot, but the dedication that these youth brought was even greater than the heat,” said South Boston Recreation Director Matt McCargo. 

“Coach Douglas teaches fundamental sportsmanship and teamwork,” he added.

Several adult volunteers and parents came out to help and make this program a success too including Karen Taylor and Garryin Yancey who were on hand to…

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