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SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) — It may be weeks since a video of a shark dragged behind a boat caused an internet uproar; one that even caught the attention of Governor Rick Scott. On Saturday, a group of locals want the public to know the original shock and anger surrounding multiple animal cruelty videos has not gone away.

“I cried, I cried just thinking about it now,” said animal rights activist Lynda Lee.

A group of animal rights activists want other locals and investigators to know their outrage over apparent animal cruelty has not faded.

“Where was the voice for these poor animals and these sea creatures?” questioned Lee. “They had no voice, so we have to be.”

Lee helped line the Sarasota Bayfront Saturday morning hoping to share a message to stop animal abuse for human entertainment.

“I just want justice so they never do this again to a human, an animal or sea life,” said Lee.

“We are asking the state attorney and FWC to do their job basically to make sure these people are prosecuted for what they have done to the wildlife in Florida,” said Lokata Moonfire, leader of Stand Up Bark Back SRQ.

The Manatee County State Attorney’s Office and Florida Fish and Wildlife say they are aware of the numerous videos and photos involving these individuals and wildlife and are working toward a lawful resolution in the case.

“In a statement to ABC, FWC wrote: “These investigations are complex, and both the FWC and the State Attorney’s Office appreciate the public’s understanding and patience. We take these incidents seriously, and this investigation is moving forward.”

Lee said she’s not only bringing light to this incident for the wildlife but also as a lesson for those involved.

“We need to save them as well as save these animals,” said Lee. “Save these kids from a very horrific future.”

FWC still will not publicly confirm the identities of those involved in the videos while the…

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