Allergies In Dogs – What Can I Do About Dog Allergies Symptoms? by Aster Brittan

Allergies In Dogs – What Can I Do About Dog Allergies Symptoms?
 by: Aster Brittan

It is suggested that if you are looking for permanent relief for dog allergies symptoms you need to go see a veterinary dermatologist. Here you can find the cause for sneezing in dogs, general allergies in dogs and most of your dog skin problems.

People medicines such as Benadryl and Claritin will only provide temporary relief of the signs and your dog will still be uncomfortable.

In some cases the dermatologist may be able to make up allergy shots if they find out the cause of your dogs allergies. You should not make any diet changes or treat your pet with any medication without strict guidance from a veterinarian.

Changing the dog’s diet without the guidance from a veterinarian can make it more difficult for them to isolate the cause of the allergies. It’s entirely possible that the causes may involve specific foods. This requires an extensive food trial. However it could be environmental agents that are causing your dog allergies symptoms which would require further allergy testing.

On your own you could try hydroxizine or atarax for some relief. Do Not use prednisone, it is not the greatest it’s a steroid and have several side effects. You can also try eliminating the normal protein source with another protein like fish or venison. It takes up to 2 to 3 months of a diet change to tell if there is any effect.

Allergic contact dermatitis usually shows up in dogs as a hypersensitivity reaction to particular molecules in your pet’s environment. Irritant contact dermatitis happens when the skin is exposed to noxious substances in the environment. The symptoms and biologic mechanisms in these two disease structures are closely similar and are often discussed together.

Allergic contact dermatitis is a rare disease, which occurs when an animal’s skin overreacts to certain small molecules in the environment. Substances, which can cause allergic contact dermatitis in dogs include…

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