ALBUM REVIEW: “The View From Here” by Tim Bennett

Americana music is the style of the unconventional.

Musicians such as Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie revolutionized the genre past the beatniks and country enthusiasts. Since that time, the style has found its footing in coffee shops and dive bars.

This is where you’re bound to find Tim Bennett’s album.

His third studio album, The View From Here hit music stores on August 11. What one considers a fusion of bluegrass, country and classic rock, others call it for what it is: coloring by numbers.

Since 2014, Bennett has put out two solo albums. Originally part of a band, his band embodied the spirit of the Americana genre. 

“That album was what I came to think Americana was all about; country, blues, folk, bluegrass and a little bit of rock,” Bennett said.

In 2016, Bennett would break away from the band.

He ventured out of the norm and worked on his two solo albums to come out. The first, known as Inevitable Discovery, struck a chord with fans desperate for a sound not often heard.

However, when it comes to the second album, it left much to be desired.

With an 11 track album, Bennett captures the spirit of the middle-class American. From songs like “As Long As You’re Buying” and “Coulda Woulda Shoulda”, it expresses the feelings of blue collar workers as they go from day-to-day.

Though I did not find this album to be something that I could listen to on repeat, there was a quality about it that kept bringing me back. What this album lacks in originality, it makes up for in its ability to become ambient music in the background.

One song on the album made me come back to the track.

The song is called “Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You.” What makes this song powerful is the man who originally wrote it- Bob Dylan.

There is a set of lyrics within the song that summarizes the way that people are willing to let go of everything to be with the one that they love. Whether you believe in love or not, Bennett has a keen ability to make you feel the…

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