Abstinence stories | What first time wedding night sex is like

1. “My husband and I waited until we were married to have sex. We were both virgins on our wedding night. We didn’t have any difficulty consummating the marriage, we were both very anxious and ready. We didn’t get outside much on our honeymoon. ” [via]

2. “I’ve only been married for a month, but my wife and I chose to wait until we were married to have sex. It was her decision and I respected it. I don’t think our first time was any ‘more special’ as a lot of people tend to say, but it was perfect for us and I wouldn’t change it for anything.” [via]

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3. I lasted a good seven seconds on our honeymoon. Apologised a lot until we fell asleep. She was sore the rest of the honeymoon. Hasn’t gotten much better since then. [via]

4. My wife was a virgin before we were married. I was not. The night of our wedding, she was ready to go as soon as we got to the hotel room (I was pretty drunk TBH). We did it without any problems. Now, we definitely had a period of time where there was a learning curve as she figured out the logistics and angles, but it was never awkward.” [via]

5. My wife and I were both virgins until marriage for religious reasons. We did have a little trouble the first night, I guess she was nervous because she was so tight I couldn’t get it in. We went to sleep and in the morning things went without a hitch. We did pick up some lube though.” [via]

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6. First night, it was awesome. Took a total of about thirty seconds, but, you know. There was no pressure to be “good” at it, because the expectation was that we would learn together. [via]

7. We abstained for religious reasons (we’re Mormons). I was always self conscious about my small penis, and she was always scared that it would hurt the…

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